Are we Pomelo yet?


Yes. Yes, we are.

This site has been archived and is no longer being updated.

The Pomelo rollout is mostly complete. Follow for future updates.

This site will remain online. Thanks for your contributions!

Pomelo Stats

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What was Pomelo, anyway?

Discord forced all its 560M+ registered users to migrate from Username#1234 to unique @usernames.

Despite significant community backlash, this change, internally known as Pomelo, was still implemented.

Discord's official blog post offered more information.

How did this site work?

There had been much indirection and rapidly changing information from the Discord team, prompting the creation of this site to track the progress of the Pomelo rollout.

The site relied on Pomelo'd users authenticating below. Users remained anonymous.

User IDs were anonymized with a hash function (SHA-256).

Only the user ID hash, registration date (month and year), and Nitro status (Early Supporter included) were stored.

NOTE: This project had no affiliation with Discord or its employees.

Was in ~150 servers with over 1,500,000 members during June 27, 2023.

Invite Discord Bot

By inviting the bot, users agreed to the anonymous collection of the same data as the "I got Pomelo'd!" button above.

An educated guess was made if someone had Nitro since the Discord API didn't provide this to bots.

Pomelos from members were collected in real-time by inviting the bot. No permissions were required. All collected data remained anonymous; the source code was open for auditing.

Refer to the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who got early access?

A: Staff members (and their personal accounts), Partnered Server Owners, Verified Server Owners, and some owners of servers with Server Subscriptions (US only). Moderator Programs Alumni, HypeSquad Events, and Discord Admins did NOT get early access. Some Moderator Programs Alumnis received early access by mistake when Discord tried to fix bugs with the rollout.

Q: When did the general rollout start?

A: Discord announced in their Discord Town Hall server on June 5, 2023 (UTC) that "Starting today, users will become eligible to update their usernames over the coming weeks on a rolling basis."

Q: Did Nitro users get priority in the rollout?

A: According to Discord's official blog post: "Current Nitro [non-Basic] subscribers [...] that registered for Nitro on or before March 1, 2023 will also be given early access." Moreover, some Early Supporters registered in 2015 appeared to have gotten early access.

Q: I was an eligible Nitro user. Why was my username not available?

A: Discord reserved usernames for the first registered active user on the platform with that name, regardless of their Nitro status or discriminator. This ensured that getting early access to Pomelo most of the time only meant that users got to pick a bad name before everyone else picked even worse names.

Q: What were discriminators, and why were they removed?

A: Discriminators were the four digits following a username, such as "The Real Jason#0001." The term "discriminator" was not used in the app but was rather known as a "tag." Discord claimed in their blog post that "nobody knows what a discriminator is" and referenced a Reddit post as a source.

Discord mentioned problems with the old system (that could've been fixed without Pomelo), such as:

  • Usernames were case-sensitive.
  • Usernames sometimes contained special characters.
  • "Only" 10,000 users were allowed per name. (Then it became only 1 per name instead.)

Friend invites would have made sense, right? Discord didn't think so. They had those for about a month, only on iOS, without marketing, claiming nobody used them. Instead, they decided to become "one of the boys" in the social media landscape and adopt unique @usernames and all the problems that came with them.

Either way, this definitely happened, and criticism was often silenced.

Q: What happened to the @ symbol in front of usernames?

A: Discord initially had @ symbols in front of usernames. However, after Linus Tech Tips made a video criticizing the @ symbol, Discord promptly removed it. Meanwhile, a community feedback post with 50,000 upvotes criticizing the change as a whole was ignored.

Q: What should I do if my username is taken?

A: As helpfully suggested by a staff member at Discord, you "could always add 4 numbers at the end of your username." Of course, there was a system for this already: discriminators.

We've chosen the name Jessie. Sorry, that name is taken. Jessie95836 is available.

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